Winch Kit

Winch Kit

Code: WINCH-KIT-20-4
Rope Length
Ladder Length

Spaces Remaining: 1005000888

Man-Riding (raising and lowering) STD winch rescue kit, combined with an PED (personal evacuation device) escape function (automatic controlled descent rate), only requires one person to operate and effect rescue, can be rigged vertically (above casualty) or rigged horizontally (back from the edge) minimising edge height exposure, suitable for use with rope systems, inertia’s, rope/wire/web lanyards,

CE approved, made in the EU

Supplied: 1x rigged rescue winch system, 11mm multi-braid (pro-static) rope, 1x removable (pit-pin) wired rescue fall arrest cam assemble, 1x haul handle, 1x 300mm dyneema link, 1x 2M dyneema sling,1x rescue safety knife, 1x screw gate karabiner, 1x scaffold hook (super strong), 1x rescue system barrel bag,1x 2M dyneema web sling, 1x edge roller, 1x rescue ladder system (inc bag), 1x extra large rescue (fast open) kit rucksack, CE approved, made in the EU

System rope size - please specify winch rope length (20M / 40M / 50M) Ladder size - please specify ladder length for your kit (4M / 12M / 15M / 20M)