Water Rescue Tip-Board
Water Rescue Tip-Board Water Rescue Tip-Board Water Rescue Tip-Board Water Rescue Tip-Board

Water Rescue Tip-Board

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The HONOR Rescue TIP-BOARD is a stable, tip-able rescue board that, with the Rescue Seabob (20km/h through water!), guarantees a swift rescue everywhere (no boat-slopes needed). The lightweight Rescue TIP-BOARD can be lifted from the water with victim and rescuer by aerial (ladder)platforms or cranes.

The concept and design ensure the rescuers are at the water victim(s) very quickly without loosing their energy so they are rescued quickly.

Sail Rescue TIP-BOARD alongside while grabbing the victim (keep traction: speed 2km/h), guide to backside, step on steps and board tips, bend knees + hold victim, stretch knees and allow yourselves + victim to fall backwards softly. Sail back.

Rescue TIP-Board® is an inflatable rescueboard developed for swift, effective, efficient and safe water rescue operating in lakes, floodwater, rivers and seas.

The Rescue TIP-BOARD is propelled through water with a maximum speed of 20km/h by the (separate) Rescue Seabob; electric jetstream system that’s controlled by intelligent control Powergrips. This device prevents Rescuers getting fatigue from swimming!

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