Velcro Anchor
Velcro Anchor Velcro Anchor Velcro Anchor Velcro Anchor

Velcro Anchor

Code: TT-ANCH-V-5

SWL : 5kg


Spaces Remaining: 1999957


Available For Handle Diameters either 50mm or 80mm  

Suitable For: Shaped Tool Handles, Scaffold, Plant & Handrails etc / Rated upto 5kgs

The Triple Lock Anchor tool tether provides a versatile 5kgs tool rated retrofit low profile tethering solution, suitable for shaped and captive tool handles, or can be used as an anchorage point suitable for retro-fitting onto hand rails etc.

The Triple Lock fastening system provides maximum anchorage flexibility and directional load security. The design allows the strap to be easily repositioned, and combined with the unique unidirectional geometry provides high shear performance. The system consists of three Velcro and Dyneema straps, which overlap each other in opposing directions increasing the tensile strength of the fastening.

The Triple Lock (Velcro) is dynamically rated to 5kgs. Dyneema is a High-Tec material benefiting from very high abrasion resistance properties, combined with low-stretch high static strength.  This means the webbing profile is smaller being only 14mm reduces the space taken up on the tool handle.  Especially important if the tool has a restrictive grip surface contact area, i.e. the limited space between the battery and trigger on a power drill.  


  • Available For Handle Diameters 50mm - 80mm 
  • The unique design makes this configuration one of the most versatile of all retro-fitting tether fastening arrangements being also suitable for harness straps, belts, scaffolding and MEWP/ Scissor
    lift handrails, plant etc
  • Advanced Velcro design features a triple over-lock system, which consists of three Velcro
  • and webbing straps, which overlap each other in opposing directions increasing the tensile
  • strength of the fastening, combined with the unique unidirectional geometry
    providing high shear performance
  • Low profile light-weight, flexible , very strong with superior abrasion resistance to withstand the rigors of extreme industry and marine environment
  • Velcro tether secures around shaped (or) passing through captive tool handles
  • Rated for hand tools up to 5kgs (dynamically tested - see ‘testing tab').
  • Individually serialised for clear easy inspection, full traceability and control
  • Issued with a ‘Declaration of Conformity’ product certificate and ‘Final Inspection’ sheet
  • Lanyard weight: 0.02kgs (without connectors)
  • Manufactured at our height safety product factory in the UK
SWL: 5kg

​​​​​​​Rating using a 47x safety factor: see Product Testing

Testing Standards

All Leading Edge tool tethering products are CE-Approved and manufactured under European Council Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Product testing follows artile 11b of the European Council Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with BS EN 364:1993 — the highest standards already in place for PPE.

Safety Factors

All certified Leading Edge products boast a whopping 47x safety factor. We purposefully over engineer our products to have greater resillience than a real wordl scenario would require — this gives them superior in-service lifespan and fully guarantees your safety in daily use.

Declaration of Conformity

Every item that leaves our factory comes with full documentation containing technical specifications, serial numbers, testing methods, working load limits and inspection results proving it has passed all necessary requirements for work at height

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