Tool Wristbands

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At Leading Edge we're more than a manufacturer of tethered tool products. First and foremost we're specialist height safety company. That's how we're able to design and manufacture word-class safety-critical dropped tool prevention equipment.

Tool wristbands are a great option for repeat use of a single tool. Anchoring to your wrist means you can release your tool to free up your hand for other activities and pick-up it again whenever you need. All our wristbands have ergonomic velcro fittings that can be easily adjusted with one hand, but unlike other wristbands they have three unique features: expansion joints, overlocks and retainer loops. Besides providing extra comfort the expansion joint stretches to 9cm with extreme force — this allows emergency release of the hand should the wristband become caught in a hazard. The Velcro overlock and retainer loop add further protection by preventing accidental unfastening and securing strap overhang.

Viper Wristband
Viper Wristband £7.95 WLL: [value]
Bayonet Wristband
Bayonet Wristband £7.95 WLL: [value]
Swivel Wristband
Swivel Wristband £8.95 WLL: [value]