Tool Tethering

Convert your existing tools for safe use at height.

  • Tested
  • Rated
  • Certified
  • Made in UK

At Leading Edge we're more than a manufacturer of tethered tool products. First and foremost we're specialist height safety company. That's how we're able to design and manufacture word-class safety-critical dropped tool prevention equipment.

Spiral Tool Lanyard
Spiral Tool Lanyard £12.95 WLL: [value]
Webbing Tool Lanyard
Webbing Tool Lanyard £7.67 WLL: [value]
Cobra MkII
Cobra MkII £17.95 WLL: [value]
Elasticated Tool Lanyard
Elasticated Tool Lanyard From: £11.95 WLL: [value]
Wrap Tether
Wrap Tether From: £14.95 WLL: [value]
Pro Shank
Pro Shank From: £3.95 WLL: [value]
X-Pro Shank
X-Pro Shank £12.45 WLL: [value]
Shank From: £2.95 WLL: [value]
Blade Tool Belt
Blade Tool Belt From: £20.95 WLL: [value]
Pro-Blade Tool Belt
Pro-Blade Tool Belt From: £30.95 WLL: [value]
Swivel Wristband
Swivel Wristband £8.95 WLL: [value]
Bayonet Wristband
Bayonet Wristband £7.95 WLL: [value]
Drill Holster
Drill Holster £44.95 WLL: [value]
Maillon From: £0.45 WLL: [value]
Grinder Tether
Grinder Tether From: £19.95 WLL: [value]
Plain Gate Karabiner
Plain Gate Karabiner From: £0.45 WLL: [value]
Fixed Belt Loop
Fixed Belt Loop £4.95 WLL: [value]
Bolt Sock
Bolt Sock From: £19.95 WLL: [value]
Surveyors Tape Measure Holster
Surveyors Tape Measure Holster £25.95 WLL: [value]
Velcro Belts Loop
Velcro Belts Loop £7.95 WLL: [value]
5/12m Tape Measure Holster
5/12m Tape Measure Holster £7.95 WLL: [value]
Spray Can Holster
Spray Can Holster £37.95 WLL: [value]
Drill Battery Shoe
Drill Battery Shoe From: £47.95 WLL: [value]
Leather Tool Belt
Leather Tool Belt £25.95 WLL: [value]
Pro Industrial Rucksack
Pro Industrial Rucksack £249.95 WLL: [value]
Scaffolders Kit
Bayonet Tether
Bayonet Tether £5.95 WLL: [value]
Radio Holster
Radio Holster £15.95 WLL: [value]
Cobra MKII + Handrail Strap
Cobra MKII + Handrail Strap £25.95 WLL: [value]
Titanium Split Ring
Titanium Split Ring £4.45 WLL: [value]
Clip-On Hard Hat Lanyard
Clip-On Hard Hat Lanyard £8.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Lanyard
Viper Lanyard From: £13.95 WLL: [value]
Adhesive Tether Ring
Adhesive Tether Ring £7.95 WLL: [value]
Wire Tool Lanyard
Wire Tool Lanyard £7.95 WLL: [value]
Mini Omni Anchor
Mini Omni Anchor £7.95 WLL: [value]

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