Tool Lanyards

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Lanyard Type

At Leading Edge we're more than a manufacturer of tethered tool products. First and foremost we're specialist height safety company. That's how we're able to design and manufacture word-class safety-critical dropped tool prevention equipment.

Tool lanyards are an intermediate device that go between your attachment point (tethered tool) and your anchor point (holster, harness, belt, bag etc.). They allow tools to be used freely at height with a full range of motion while maintaining a direct connection that prevents them from falling should they be dropped. Lanyards come in multiple variations and configurations to suit all kinds of uses depending on factors such as tool type and weight, frequency and intensity of operation and the environment in which they are used. All Leading Edge tool lanyards are made from the highest quality components and are over-engineered with surplus load capacity — they’re built to last.

Webbing Tool Lanyard
Webbing Tool Lanyard £7.67 WLL: [value]
Mini Spiral Lanyard
Mini Spiral Lanyard £8.95 WLL: [value]
Wire Tool Lanyard
Wire Tool Lanyard £7.95 WLL: [value]
Pro Wire Tool Lanyard
Pro Wire Tool Lanyard From: £12.95 WLL: [value]
Spiral Tool Lanyard + Spring Clips
Spiral Tool Lanyard
Spiral Tool Lanyard £12.95 WLL: [value]
Cobra MkII
Cobra MkII £17.95 WLL: [value]
Cobra MKII + Handrail Strap
Cobra MKII + Handrail Strap £25.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Lanyard
Viper Lanyard From: £13.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Wristband
Viper Wristband £7.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Connector - Beyonette
Viper Connector - Beyonette £5.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Connector - Choke
Viper Connector - Choke £5.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Connector - D-Ring
Viper Connector - D-Ring £5.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Connector - Spring Clip
Viper Connector - Spring Clip £7.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Connector - Swivel
Viper Connector - Swivel £6.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Adaptor (Female)
Viper Adaptor (Female) £4.95 WLL: [value]
Viper Adaptor (Male)
Viper Adaptor (Male) £4.95 WLL: [value]
Elasticated Tool Lanyard
Elasticated Tool Lanyard From: £11.95 WLL: [value]