Tool Belts & Accessories

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At Leading Edge we're more than a manufacturer of tethered tool products. First and foremost we're specialist height safety company. That's how we're able to design and manufacture word-class safety-critical dropped tool prevention equipment.

Lanyards and tethers are only as safe as the anchor point you attach to. This is especially true of safety belts. Our safety belts give you safe, tested and certified foundation to complete your tethering system. We use only the highest grade materials and components, over-engineered for superior load capacity. Combining a belt with various accessories provides a simple way to customise your anchor points.

Blade Tool Belt
Blade Tool Belt From: £20.95 WLL: [value]
Bolt Sock
Bolt Sock From: £19.95 WLL: [value]
Fixed Belt Loop
Fixed Belt Loop £4.95 WLL: [value]
Leather Tool Belt
Leather Tool Belt £25.95 WLL: [value]
MEWPKIT £242.95
Pro-Blade Tool Belt
Pro-Blade Tool Belt From: £30.95 WLL: [value]
Scaffolders Kit
Velcro Belts Loop
Velcro Belts Loop £7.95 WLL: [value]