Manriding Winch

Code: MRW15
Cable Length

Spaces Remaining: 1000099998


To lower and hoist workers into and from confined spaces, heights, etc. and rescue. Available with max. 15 meters (MRW15) or 33 meters (MRW33) cable length.


  • Man-rated for raising, lowering or supporting workers
  • Designed specifically for confined space entry and retrieval
  • Usage counter monitors extent of winch use
  • Load can only move if the handle is turned – friction brake is engaged by a minimum of 2 kg (5 lbs) weight
  • Double redundant braking mechanism with centrifugal safety back up brake
  • MRW15 = 15 m (49.2 ft), MRW33 = 33 m (108 ft), 5 mm (3/16) galvanized steel cable
  • Easy manual operation: simply rotate the handle to raise or lower personnel or materials
  • Gear ratio 5:1 (no power source required)
  • Lightweight Design: MRW15; 11.5 kg (25.4 lbs) – MRW33; 19.5 kg (43 lbs)
  • Quick-Mount System: accessorie; quick-mount bracket which mates with bracket on all HONOR support structures (tripod, FlangeClamp®, TankClamp®, Davit) allowing the user to attach/detach device with detent pins and makes retrofitting easy (no additional hardware needed)
  • Free-Wheel Mode: operator-activated free-wheel mode allows drum to rotate and cable to pay-out freely with movement or descension (handle remains stationary)
  • Built-In Fall Protection: free-wheel mode has a built-in overspeed brake with energy absorbing capacity (similar to SRL’s) which provides secondary fall protection
  • Housing Cover, Winch Module & Overspeed Brake: durable cast aluminium (powder coated), reduces weight
  • Corrosion Resistant: corrosive-resistant aluminium rope drum, corrosive-resistant gears and stainless steel internal components
  • Safety Hook: swiveling self-locking snap hook provides secure connection to the load and prevents cable from twisting for smoother operation (with non-resetable impact indicator enabling user to visually check to see if device has been impact-loaded)
  • Reserve Cable System: allows the brake to activate and absorb energy if a fall occurs when the reel is fully extended
  • Meets or exceeds Machine Directory 2006/42/EC & EN 1808 R010.015.100 (MRW15) R010.033.100 (MRW33)
Machine Directory: 2006/42/EC
European standard: EN 1808

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Please note that this product is manufactured to order via an European partner, confirmation of lead times will be given via email once the order has been placed.