Haul System


Spaces Remaining: 999999999

RRP: £403.80 £262.45
Manual (raising) haul rescue system, requires five persons to operate and effect rescue, rigged horizontally (back from the edge) minimising edge height exposure, suitable for use with rope systems, inertia’s, rope/wire/web lanyards, edge-tested for high impact edge abrasion, capable of lifting casualty up 3M in a single pull (unrestricted lifting height), operates as a twin safety system (tow-line and haul-line) provides continuous dual fall arrest backup protection, breaking load: 25kN (2.5T).

  • 3M x 11mm multi-braid (pro-static) rope
  • 2x removable (pit-pin) wired rescue fall arrest cams and toe assemble
  • 3M x 14mm ultra low stretch dyneema webbing
  • 4x haul handles
  • 1x screw gate karabiner
  • 1x rescue system holdall

CE approved, made in the UK