Fall Arrest Block + Auto Rescue Descender
Fall Arrest Block + Auto Rescue Descender Fall Arrest Block + Auto Rescue Descender Fall Arrest Block + Auto Rescue Descender Fall Arrest Block + Auto Rescue Descender

Fall Arrest Block + Auto Rescue Descender

Code: FPED15-G
Cable Length

Spaces Remaining: 1000099998


This technically advanced fall arrest block with Self Retractable Descender

  • 80% Shorter stopping distance of 30-40cm compared to 170cm of standard blocks 
  • 75% Less impact force 1.5kN compared to 6kN of standard blocks.
  • Modular design reduces maintenance  servicing downtime
  • Unique breaking design that means these blocks to be used with an appropriate lifeline, allowing up to users to have a greater working area of 25M. 25M Fall Arrest Lifeline
  • Self retractable Descender lowers the user automatically due to it's intergrated descent brake after a fall.

For ultimate safety, the Honor FPED combines the STAR series fall arrest block / inertia reel with a built-in automatic descent rescue system. Quite simply, the device arrests a fall in the shortest distance possible and affects an immediate rescue by automatically lowering the casualty gently to the ground. 

Incredibly, with a 100kg user weight the block can arrest a fall at up to 80% less stopping distance (30 to 40cm) and 75% less impact force (1.5kN) when compared to EN360 compliant blocks designed to meet a standard 170cm stopping distance with 6kN of impact force.

The descender mechanism also boasts EN341 Class C approval but offers phenomenally greater performance because its descent brake gearing complies to Class A regulations; this means it is designed for continuous operation and can complete an indefinite number of descents. To put the superiority of this product into perspective, the overwhelming majority of EN341 compliant descenders are approved to Class D, meaning they are for SINGLE USE ONLY — the FPED, in contrast, remains fully reusable throughout the entirety of its service life. (see below for EN341 class specifications)



With a body constructed out of heavy-duty cast aluminium and precision engineered corrosion-resistant internal components, STAR blocks are built for superior performance and service life. They’re incredibly hard wearing and easily withstand intense daily use in harsh environments – a far cry from the ‘use and replace’ ethos we’ve come to expect from many arrest block manufacturers.


The speed and comfort of the blocks activation is due to its one-of-a-kind modular braking system, featuring fine-tuned and hardened gearing. The 33m version features a secondary braking backup mechanism for added security.


By utilising highly optimised sub-modular assemblies the blocks drastically reduce maintenance and service downtime as well as your Total Cost of Ownership.


  • Modular designed sub-assemblies & internal parts
  • High corrosive resistant internal parts
  • Professional industrial gearings
  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • Manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands by ISO-9001 Quality Management System certified companies


  • STAR® - industrial design
  • Modular automatic descent-brake
  • Descent speed 1,3 m/s (100 kg)
  • Modular quick-acting braking system
  • Very low examination & inspection costs
  • Very low fall arrest forces
  • Lightweight, robust alu housing & modules - powder coated (15m: 18.7 kg - 41.2 lbs, 33m: 20.9 kg - 46.1 lbs rope excl.)
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel & aluminium internal components
  • Swivable connection eye
  • Max. 15 m - 49 ft or 33 m - 108 ft
  • Max. 150 kg - 331 lbs
  • Min. -40°C/F, max. 55°C - 130°F
  • Ergonomic Design-Handle available
  • Max impact force = 1.5 x fall mass (user weight)
  • Max stopping distance = 30cm (fall factor 0) to 45cm (fall factor 2) based on 100kg 
  • Reserve Cable System: allows the brake to activate and absorb energy if a fall occurs when the reel is fully extended

Art.nr: R012.015.100 (FPED15)
Art.nr: R012.033.010 (FPED33)
According European standards EN 360:2002 & EN 341:2011/1C, (US-Standard Z359.14-2012-A pending)

EN341 Descender devices classifications:

  • class A: descent energy W up to 7,5 × 106 J;
  • class B: descent energy W up to 1,5 × 106 J;
  • class C: descent energy W up to 0,5 × 106 J;
  • class D: descent energy depends on the maximum height and rated load. FOR SINGLE USE ONLY

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