Bayonet Wristband

Bayonet Wristband

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SWL : 2.5kg


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This Velcro fastening wrist tool lanyard with bayonet loop is made by Leading Edge in the UK. The 18cm Bayonet loop rope allows direct tool attachment via choking, loop or use with a connector. 

Tool wristbands are a great option for repeat use of a single tool usage. Anchoring to your wrist means you can release your tool to free up your hand for other activities and pick-up it again whenever you need. All our wristbands have ergonomic Velcro fittings that can be easily adjusted with one hand, but unlike other wristbands they have three unique features: expansion joints, over-lock and retainer loop.

Besides providing extra comfort the safety expansion joint stretches to 9cm with extreme force. This allows emergency release of the hand should the wristband become caught in a hazard. The Velcro over-lock and retainer loop add further protection by preventing accidental unfastening and securing strap overhang. 

This wrist lanyard is fitted with a very secure rated Velcro fastening system, allowing faster adjustment and is simpler to put-on and take-off when using multiple pre-tethered tools.

The Velcro is manufactured from industrial grade synthetic Polyester, and has a water and UV resistant structure that does not fade or weaken (if maintained in-line with our care instructions) as such design is compact, hard wearing and has a long life in arduous environments.

  • Individually serialised for easy inspection / traceable / control
  • Issued with a ‘declaration of conformity’ product certificate and ‘final Inspection sheet' (without connectors)
  • Rating using a 47x safety factor: see Product Testing
  • Electrical conductivity and resistively test*: dry >200 Giga-​​​ohms / wet >4 Mega-ohms *Wiring regulations (BS7671), live working hand tools (EN 60900). ​​​​​​​ 
  • ​​​​Max Load: 2.5kg
  • Lanyard weight: 0.03kgs
  • ​​​​​​​Made in the UK
  • Size: Standard and Large
Testing Standards

All Leading Edge tool tethering products are CE-Approved and manufactured under European Council Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Product testing follows artile 11b of the European Council Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with BS EN 364:1993 — the highest standards already in place for PPE.

Safety Factors

All certified Leading Edge products boast a whopping 47x safety factor. We purposefully over engineer our products to have greater resillience than a real wordl scenario would require — this gives them superior in-service lifespan and fully guarantees your safety in daily use.

Declaration of Conformity

Every item that leaves our factory comes with full documentation containing technical specifications, serial numbers, testing methods, working load limits and inspection results proving it has passed all necessary requirements for work at height

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