25m Rope<br>Fall Arrest & Restraint Lifeline
25m Rope<br>Fall Arrest & Restraint Lifeline 25m Rope<br>Fall Arrest & Restraint Lifeline 25m Rope<br>Fall Arrest & Restraint Lifeline 25m Rope<br>Fall Arrest & Restraint Lifeline

25m Rope
Fall Arrest & Restraint Lifeline

Code: HONORope-T
Tensioning Bar

Spaces Remaining: 999999999

Lifeline Work Methods

What is a lifeline?

Maximise your working area and support multiple users with a greater level of safe access over large areas. When used in-conjunction with other intermediate height safety systems, Lifelines allow you to safely traverse the exposed leading edge and eliminating pendulums.

This is the ultimate, rapid to install 25m rope fall arrest and restraint lifeline system. Uniquely allows up to 5 people to work from the system using either fall arrest or restraint equipment, were wide single unsupported spans are required between anchorage points, and large groups of workers all required to work of the same system. No other lifeline can offer this, as such this the only lifeline you’ll ever need.


  • This quick to rig and very easy to tension system, can span up to 25m in a single span (anchor to anchor unsupported), with no need for an intermediate brace etc.
  • The lifeline can support up to 5 people at once, over the full 25m as a single unsupported span.
  • Specially designed, tested and third party certified for use with all Honor fall arrest blocks, and Leading Edge’s shock absorbing lanyards, rope adjustable lanyards and adjustable fall restraint systems. 

Directions of Use

When working at height, a permanent installed lifeline is not always necessary as it’s very costly and takes too long to install. This 25m temporary lifeline system is a quick and easy to install, rigged either from foot level to above head height for maximum versatility.

This lifeline system has an advanced rope device at one end of the line that does two special functions.

Firstly, it operates as a strong rope tensioning clamp, meaning the line only requires a single person to fully tension and rig the system. Also, the tensioner only allows the right amount of (pre)tension in the lifeline, which due to its built-in clutch cannot be over tensioned. In simple terms, the 16mm rope is pulled through the tensioner until the device starts to slip and stops taking up line.

Secondly, the advanced rope device is designed and tested to provide shock-absorbing fall arrest protection inline within the system. The unique profile of the cam body, is engineered to allow the impact force to be absorbed and dissipated through the combination of physical contact between the multi-core rope, and the cam’s grooved shape and level of surface friction under loading.

This versatile lifeline is easily attached via karabiners to suitable anchorages, for example eyebolts or omni-anchors, or fall arrest slings when fixing to beams, columns or other fixed structural points of sufficient strength. 

Various height safety components e.g. fall arrest blocks, shock absorbing lanyards and adjustable fall restraint systems can be attached to this lifeline, dependent upon the required degree of freedom of movement required to reach the fall hazard.

25m Lifeline Contains The Following Components:

  • 25 metres of 16mm Kernmantle Rope (special construction)
  • HoPress® Swaged Eyelet (allows connection via connector)
  • Rope Vice Tensioner (RVT) (allows connection via connector)

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Span: 25 metres
  • Maximum Number Workers on System: 5
  • Maximum End Anchorage Load: 7.7kN
  • Kernmantle Rope (16mm diameter)
  • Eyelet (1x): HoPress 
  • Rope Vice Tensioner (1x), Stainless Steel
  • EN795 class C
  • Manufactured in Europe

Optional Extras Include:

Storage Bag (25M Fall Arrest Lifeline)
Tensioning Bar (25M Fall Arrest Lifeline)
Wire Sling
Dyneema Sling
Screw-Gate Karabiner
Pear Shaped Hook
Screw-Gate Karabiner
Wire Sling